A NIGHT IN FANTASY - Get Creative & Dress up for your Lover

Taking off your clothes is a necessary part of the whole having sex. What do you wear before you take off all your clothes? What is the sexiest and hottest outfit you can wear to make your lover pounce on you?

Unfortunately, we don't know your partner and have no idea what they like, but Naked Curve has you covered for your night in fantasy with a wide range of costumes and plus size lingerie.

How to dress through cosplay

Incorporating cosplay into sex can be a fun, light-hearted and a creative way to dip your toes into some light kink and fantasy fulfilment. 

Fantasy cosplay is a great and high erotic practice for those who have an active imagination and want to experiment with their sexual identity. It is a way to take interest and transcend it in the bedroom.

Go from a Hit Me Baby One More Time schoolgirl to Too Hot for Teacher in a flash and give your lover that stimulating and naughty surprise.

Picking a Cosplay Costume

Picking a costume can be questionable at first but so exciting. Your imagination is limitless, and you can be as creative as possible!

For newbies to the cosplay scene who are a little shy or even for the veterans looking for that little bit of inspiration and encouragement, there are a few ways to find the perfect costume for you, including:

  •   Finding a character that makes you feel powerful and that really turns your partner on
  •    Keep mental tabs on what your partner loves and what they find sexy
  •    Drop subtle hints and see if your energy is reciprocated (Unless your sexy spontaneous sidekicks in)
  •    Go to Naked Curve.

According to Metro UK, the top 8 looks to make your partner's jaw drop include:

  1.  French maid
  2.  Playboy bunny
  3.  Firefighter
  4.  Nurse or student
  5.  Police officer or superhero
  6.  Sailor
  7.  Landlord
  8.  Bin collector.

Fevers will rise, and pulses will race when you slip into our sexy nurse lingerie. Heat your late-night roleplay with one of our naughty nurse costumes and give your partner a thorough check-up.

Add a hint of spontaneity?

Spontaneous sex is an incredible way to make your relationship more exciting and enjoyable. Sure, romantic build-ups and lots of flirting are lovely, but sometimes, passion just hits you, and you've got to go for it.

Surprising your partner with an invitation to the bedroom (or the kitchen, car, outside, or wherever) can inspire immense passion.



It is a Friday night. Your husband/wife/partner has had a long day at work and has the night to relax. You and your love have dinner, a couple of bottles of wine later, all is amazing.

Your lover is lying in bed while you tidy up, maybe even while they’re still eating (because what is more spontaneous than that), and you walk out in this.

You can play naughty teacher, humble librarian, sexy waitress, or naughty maid, the possibilities are completely endless, and you'll enjoy hours and hours of roleplay fun!

Next thing you know, their jaw is on the floor, and your neighbours complain about the noise.

Now that you know the ins and outs of cosplay, don't be shy, don't be afraid and don't hesitate to find the sauciest costume you can wear from Naked Curve.


Con Amor,

Naked Curve


Author: Ivana Zoric | www.ivanacreative.com

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