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Willow Open Kimono Robe

Size Guide

Our Willow Open Kimono Gown is all the luxury vacay vibes you need. Mesh lining allows for this piece to sit delicately on your shoulders while you lounge around on the couch at home sipping your morning coffee or overlooking the ocean in a Maldives Resort. Crotchet boho design decorates the kimono in a mesmerizing dance, playing above your skin, making it difficult to stop admiring yourself in the mirror. 

Sizing runs of standard Australian sizing

Includes: robe only 

You can find the set here 

Australian Custom standards require all clothing to be labelled prior to shipment to Australia. When receiving goods, please note the tag size may be slightly off as all good have been resized prior to sale to meet AU guidelines. All items have size charts in the description and it’s important to go off measurements rather than size.
Please note that fit will vary between different body shapes which is why individual size charts and measurements have been provided.
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