Naked Curve


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Invigorating Turkish Rose Water

HYDRATE that beautiful skin of yours. You’ve washed off your 24K gold + charcoal RESTORE mask & I mean you’re feeling good! You’re questioning why you even wear make up because this relaxes glow suits you! Spray some light & hydrating Turkish Rose Water onto your face & repeat after me “I am one beautiful woman”

Nailed it.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Hydrosol 

Australian Custom standards require all clothing to be labelled prior to shipment to Australia. When receiving goods, please note the tag size may be slightly off as all good have been resized prior to sale to meet AU guidelines. All items have size charts in the description. If you have any further queries, simply contact us at
Please note that fit will vary between different body shapes. We do our best to be as inclusive and considerate possible when resizing our garments.