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Inclusive lingerie inspires self-love, sex, and confidence

by Naked Curve 22 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Inclusive lingerie inspires self-love, sex, and confidence

Few lingerie stores only offer beyond a size 12, which raises the question of “What about the rest of us?”, “Am I too big to wear beautiful lingerie?”, “Am I not sexy?”. Naked Curve stands for women feeling liberated in their skin without the fear of not finding a size in the design you love so much.
Loving your body is a challenge that every woman goes through in life. From not loving your tummy to hating the stretch marks and feeling enraged that you see back fat. With the media continuously putting pressure on how females should look, women question their beauty and body build.
When going through the Naked Curve lingerie line, you will see that we offer sizes from 8-22 to ensure that a wide range of women from petite to plus-size can feel sexy under their clothing and in the bedroom.
How does inclusive lingerie increase happiness?
The Naked Curve lingerie line inspires women to focus on three key elements that increase happy endorphins and self-appreciation.
  1. Self-Love
  2. Confidence
  3. Sex
Self-love and appreciation come from within. It means stopping that habit of comparing yourself to others, avoiding negative opinions from others, trusting, and accepting that you are a beautiful human being just the way you are. By loving your whole self, you can stand in power, knowing that your body is gorgeous and bold.
When wearing Naked Curve pieces, you can take away the fear of something not fitting correctly as we have considered real women in our designs to enjoy beautiful designs no matter how big or small they are.
A Naked Curve confidential tip: Boost love for yourself with self-masturbation and let those endorphins run wild! Check out our adult toy store; thank us later.
Wear confidence with a sexy smile. Sing and scream for your beauty!
Don’t be embarrassed to wear your actual size. Staying true to your size means the lingerie you wear will fit you effortlessly and help you stand with confidence in front of the mirror and your sexual partner.
To be confident in how you perceive yourself and the most attractive traits of you are more mental than physical. If you love your body in a specific colour or style, then you rock it like you are centre stage for you and your lover.
Let’s talk about Sex, Baby!
Self-love, confidence, and sex all relate to one another. If it’s a higher sex drive you’re seeking or ways to feel more sexually confident, start with you. Try on that sexy lingerie set you saw online, put it on and look at yourself and say, “I am sexually desirable!” until you truly believe it.
Don’t think of sex as a performance; think of it as a pleasurable experience between you and your partner. You are the prime focus in that daring lingerie set that gets you screaming on the inside and the outside.
As an Australian lingerie business, our objective at Naked Curve is to curate and deliver inclusive lingerie that fits real women and makes them feel powerful, sexy, and most importantly, confident.
If you have any questions regarding our products, email us at, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will get in touch with you.
Check out our website to take back that confidence you once had within yourself and never look back!
Written by Ivana Zoric
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