November 08, 2018 1 min read

The ripples in my soul do not rest,
As a silver tear rolls down my chest.
A yearning I am yet to explain,
I know in my depth that
this is not in vain.
My knees grow weak,
as my wings expand,
Time falls away like
the dunes of sand.
I leap off the cliff with my hope
in my hands,
The wind surrounds me as my
fear falls to land.
Eagles fly with me as the day turns to dark,
The moon begins to rise as does the courage in my heart.


A preview of what's to come in "Shimmer

Shimmer is available for purchase on the 11th November 2018 on amazon, kindle and iTunes.

The exploration of self-discovery is a journey that requires courage in your heart, a yearning in your soul and a need to explore the darkest depths of your being. To know who you are is one thing, to except who you discover is something else entirely

More about the Author Britt-Rose

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